Gazmatek party planet park

Date de l'événement
sam. 17 fév. 2024 @ 21:30
Type d'événement
Soirée, Bal
Genre d'événement
Lieu de l'événement
Planet Park (Bruxelles)
1385 chaussée de Haecht, 1130 Bruxelles
L'événement est terminé

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Les tickets ne sont remboursables qu'en cas d'annulation de l'événement. Cliquez ici pour en savoir plus.

Line up

22h00 Lemma live
23h00 guest DSM
00h00 mibolus vs Tekiapy
01h00 Kromozom live
02h00 guest Fr (heretik)
03h00 Terapeutek mix
04h00 Toxyblue mix
05h00 Nocid vs Raps mix
06h00 guest be mix


1385 Chaussée de haecht à Haren, Bruxelles


1000 personnes (the organization reserves the right of entry)

Sold out = Sold out
Take your presale in time or
Come early and leave late


Early bird 12€ +0,80 (presale fees) SOLD OUT
Second wave 15€ + 0,90 (presale fees)
Ticket 20€ +0,90€ (presale fees)AT THE DOOR 22€


• Roller Show
• Big Mapping show all night.
• live painting show
• Good vibes.
• Prevention stand.
• An unique chance to buy the limited hardcover book “PLEASE DONT STEP ON THE DROPOUTS” From STUDIO DROPOUT for 55€ limited edition to 303 books
• Good vinyls and live sets and big sound provided by Gazmatek
• a big amazing place for party with us 🤩


Drinkcard 10 tickets = 20€ or 1 ticket = 2€
Caution cup = 1 ticket Soft = 1 ticket Bière / red bull = 1 ticket
Bière spéciale = 2 tickets Alcool = 3tickets
Alcool + soft = 4 tickets


Merchandising Gazmatek —> Vinyls 01, vinyls 02, t-shirt, sweat and lanyards.


🚫 No dogs, no cats, no snakes, no spiders, and others pets. Noise will be to loud for them and we don't know yet a product for protect their ears 😉
🚫 No drugs
🚫 No own drink.
🚫 No violence , you will have a punch 🥊 for this.
🚫 No discrimination , no sexisme ! We are all free people !!
🚫 -18 ans
🚫 No stress, keep calm and listen Tekno

✅ Smoke area
✅ Prevention stand
✅ WC and water free
✅ Locker-room
✅ Smiling people and good vibes

🙏 Respect the place, sound, organisation, people and YOURSELF! If you want to talk to an artist please wait the end of his show, not during ❤️


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